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To participate in these studies, you or a loved one must:

  • Be ages 50 to 87 years old
  • Be diagnosed with, or have a suspected clinical diagnosis of, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Have a gradual change in memory for six months or more
  • Have a family member or loved one who can be available as a study partner during the entire study
  • Be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or have had a previous COVID-19 infection

There are additional criteria that are reviewed by the study team during your first appointment.

You and/or your study partner will meet with a study coordinator at a study site location closest to you. You will learn more about the research study and the benefits and risks of participation.

The study coordinator or study doctor will review the Informed Consent Form with you. You will have the chance to ask any questions about this form, and sign once comfortable and willing to participate in the study.

Different procedures will be performed to see if you qualify for the clinical study. You and your study partner will also be asked questions about your health history and your memory.

  • The study drug in the rethinkALZ and refocusALZ clinical research studies is simufilam. Simufilam comes in a pill that is taken by mouth. Doctors and researchers want to test that it is safe and effective for slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The study drug or placebo will be taken twice a day for 52 weeks or 76 weeks.

You and your study partner will return to the study center about every 3 months. At these appointments, the study team will ask you questions about your health history and memory. They will also perform study procedures to evaluate your wellbeing, including physical exams and taking vital signs.

The study centers are located throughout the continental United States and Canada. In the future, study centers may be added in other locations.

You do not have to stop taking your medication unless you are advised to do so by the study center staff or your primary care physician.

No – there will be no cost to you or loved ones for the study drug or study procedures.

  • No, health insurance is not a requirement to participate in either study.

Clinical Research Studies

Clinical trials, also known as clinical studies or research studies are conducted by doctors and researchers to see if new medications or treatments are safe and effective before being approved for use by the general public.

Research studies are used to test new medications for safety, tolerability, and effectiveness before they are approved for use by the public.

You can find out more information about clinical trials by browsing through www.clinicaltrials.gov. This is an online, government database that is managed by the National Library of Medicine. It provides information about both federally and privately supported clinical research studies.

All research studies require that doctors and/or researchers give interested participants complete and accurate information about the risks, benefits and activities of a research study. Interested participants will sign an Informed Consent Form prior to enrolling in the study. This form shows that a participant understands what will happen during the study and that they can leave the study at any time.